The Madness of Small Worlds

The Madness of Small Worlds

The Jackie Liebergott Black Box Theatre at The Paramount Center
559 Washington Street, Boston
October 25-26, 2013

Wu World Woo

Timothy Siragusa, with Electric Chamber Music, Wu World Woo


Mac Wellman’s deliriously brilliant Horrocks (and Toutatis Too) and Wu World Woo, both directed by Elena Araoz, epitomize the madness of our world as the actors bounce words around the stage like electrons.

Elana Greenfield’s Wrench, directed by Kenneth Prestininzi, takes place somewhere on earth—an earth so unrecognizable that we may as well be on an asteroid. But words themselves remain vital, urgent, and filled with endless possibility.


Kate Snodgrass (top), Katie Pearl, Wrench

“Greenfield and Wellman . . . are throwing words at a blank piece of paper, not paint, to show us what’s on the other side. The rules are different there, wherever ‘there’ is, just like they’d be different in another dimension. What you are seeing here is the work of abstract expressionist playwrights, throwing words at paper, not paint.”

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Poster design: Jessica Kuszaj
Photos: David Marshall

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