March 28–April 6, 2019
Boston Center for the Arts
Nicholas Martin Hall
The Audacity: Women Speak marks the first time Sleeping Weazel presents a single work created by many voices. This show will highlight the real stories of womxn’s experiences with gender biased treatment and sexual harassment, systemic misogyny and sexism, and assault and rape. Woven together by Sleeping Weazel co-directors and playwrights Charlotte Meehan and Adara Meyers, and directed by Melia Bensussen, this multimedia tapestry of womxn’s stories, both onstage and onscreen, will create a theatrical experience revealing the many layers of culturally-embedded violence against womxn that must be faced and stopped. The Audacity: Women Speak is an urgent call to action, and a show of female solidarity at this time when the only alternative is to speak out.