Mission and History


Sleeping Weazel productions combine bold, experimental style with social justice ideals. Celebrating the ridiculous, the sublime, and the earth-shattering, our aim is to cross the boundaries of popular and high art, and to collaborate with artists of different generations and cultures, working in various genres. The company motto, “Making Different Possible,” means we dream awake with our audiences in Boston, and together we make life-changing art.


Sleeping Weazel was founded in 1998 by David G. Hopkins to produce independent films, live and audio theatre, and a multi-genre experimental web magazine based in Bristol, UK. After moving permanently to the United States, he continued to work in New York on theatre productions with Charlotte Meehan until his untimely death in May 2004.The name Sleeping Weazel alludes to the idea of “dreaming awake,” or being in a productive state of unconsciousness wherein the artist works to imagine and manifest what was previously outside the realm of possibility. In extending the invitation to join a work of art finding its way to new dimensions, the imaginary becomes a place of enchantment, growth, and abundant potential for all participants.

Today, led by Charlotte Meehan and Adara Meyers, Sleeping Weazel maintains the spirit of David’s original vision for making and presenting art in a multiplicity of contexts that extend art forms with flexibility and grace.