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(l-r) Alma Prelec, Miranda Reilly, Alexandria King, Tryouts

WOMEN IN ACTION kicked off with a roundtable discussion hosted by Kate Snodgrass at Boston Playwrights’ Theatre (HowlRound TV). Dramaturg Lisa Timmel moderated the conversation with award-winning playwrights Caridad Svich, Ruth Margraff, Lisa Schlesinger, and Charlotte Meehan.

Fufu & Oreos

Obehi Janice, Fufu & Oreos

The performances began with new works by distinguished artists Ruth Margraff (and Café Antarsia), Lisa Schlesinger, and Magdalena Gómez, followed by a post-show discussion with theatre scholar Heidi Bean. The festival continued with The Future Now, which showcased new works by a younger generation of women, including a lecture-performance by visual artist Alexia Stamatiou, Fufu & Oreos by performer/writer Obehi Janice, and Tryouts by playwright Adara Meyers (directed by Cecelia Raker) culminating in a post-show discussion moderated by dramaturg Ilana Brownstein.

The Future Now

Alexia Stamatiou

On Adara Meyers’ Tryouts:
“This episodic and fractured narrative was full of angst and kinetic images of bodies in motion.”

On Obehi Janice’s Fufu and Oreos:
“Charming, funny, and engaging, Janice was not at all like Mike Daisey. She was completely herself.”

On Alexia Stamatiou’s lecture-performance:
“Her chant was a song, a prayer, the element of drama that Aristotle called music. And in the end it was a vibrant and powerful meditation.”
~ Michael Cox, EDGE Boston

Poster design: Matt Desmarais
Photos: David Marshall

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