Timbuktu, USA

Boston Playwrights’ Theatre
949 Commonwealth Theatre, Boston
August 25 – September 2, 2018

Timbuktu, USA, written and directed by long-time Sleeping Weazel collaborator/affiliated artist Kenneth Prestininzi, is a political farce run amok. The play, an outrageous example of the id on crack in the country’s capitol, counts bestiality and murder among daily rituals, and takes a wrecking ball to the hypocrisy of “wholesome” family values.



The Boston Globe, “Stages” interview with Terry Byrne:
“The thrill of Prestininzi’s plays . . . involves his skill with language, combined with his ability to take quirky objects and idiosyncrasies and transform them into surprisingly dramatic material.”
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“Sleeping Weazel’s brief has always been to bring provocative, challenging, and unique theater to Boston. They succeed in spades with Timbuktu, USA, a farce that flies right over the top and leaves you clutching your sides and scratching your head.”
~ Kilian Melloy, EDGE Media Network
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“By the end it’ll have proven that it’s a hell of a ride to hitch yourself to . . . it’s wildly funny with a sharp edge and a joyously mad evening of comic theater.”
~ James Wilkinson, The Theatre Mirror
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Timbuktu, USA is a diversion well worth any disorientation . . . it’s easy to see that the work is exemplary.”
~ Kitty Drexel, The New England Theatre Geek
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