Real Realism

Real Realsim

written by Charlotte Meehan
directed by Vanessa Gilbert
video design by Steven Bell and Evan O’Sullivan
The Factory Theatre, Boston
May 30–June 8, 2013
Real Realism

Alex Dhima, Jennifer Welsh,
James Barton

What happens when five strangers land in an undisclosed “treatment center”? What are they capable of when pressed? Alternately hilarious and ferocious, Real Realism is part fanciful dance of quantum particles and part Expressionistic nightmare.


(l-r) Andrew Tung, Alex Dhima, Jennifer Welsh,
Veronica Wiseman, James Barton


“Whatever they’re doing, the actors do it extremely well; they take to the dialogue as if they were making it up on the spot. . . I look forward to the rest of this reality check.”
~ Jeffrey Gantz, The Boston Globe

“Because the piece was so unpredictable, it was incredibly engaging, and I often found myself laughing at the absurdity of it, only to immediately be hit with a moment of poignancy.”
~ Alexandra Lonati, Broadway World

“The world Meehan has constructed is not only compelling – it’s very connected. We watch these five frazzled, complex souls bounce off of each other like particles in Brownian motion.”
~ Nicola McEldowney, New England Theatre Geek

Poster design: Jessica Kuszaj
Photos: David Marshall

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